Madman David Poole Invites You to Join His Outdoor Adventures

Townsend, Montana native “Madman” David Poole is rarely, if ever, indoors. If you do catch him in a place with indoor plumbing and heating, he’s either asleep at home or at work, traveling the country with the Abilities Expo as a representative for SoftWheel, an advanced in-wheel suspension system that’s sold worldwide.

A dynamic athlete, David sustained a spinal cord injury in 2006 after tumbling down a cliff face while skiing as a 21-year-old. Today, he continues to camp, fish, and hunt when he’s not training for a mountain bike race, a biathlon competition, or another excursion.

His joy on the Abilities Expo show floor as a wheelchair technology professional charms spectators and shoppers alike as they line up to learn why he embraces assistive devices like SoftWheel and other advancements that allow him to tear up the countryside as an adaptive athlete. David’s charismatic energy soars, though, when he hits the slopes or the trails on adaptive backcountry adventures throughout the Western U.S.!

Join us below as Madman Poole takes you on a tour of his latest excursions with the hope that you’ll use this moment as the deciding factor to explore your world on wheels too.

David Poole in his wheelchair in front of the events area at Abilities Expo.

His One True Love: Sit Skiing as a Competitor and Instructor

It would be understandable if David had chosen never to return to the sport that had caused him to be a paraplegic, but the idea of leaving skiing behind never crossed his mind. The following season after his spinal cord injury, with the help and support of family and friends, David began mono skiing.

Now he’s both a fierce competitor as well as a kind instructor on the slopes near his Montana home, and you’ll often find him churning up fresh powder at ski resorts across the Wild West. A consummate professional with natural athletic talent, David has a wide range of ski equipment sponsors too, including Pit Viper specialty sunglasses.

Poole teaching a class on sit-ski technique. The participants are sitting on Bosu Balls.
David often teaches people with disabilities how to embrace the mechanics of sit skiing for the first time.

David competed in the Mono X division at the 2016 Winter X Games in Colorado and hits the slopes religiously throughout the winter season every year.

His prowess on the mountain didn’t go unnoticed for long. Adventure film producer Teton Gravity Research (TGR)  showcases the world’s top athletes by creating premier ski, snowboard, and surf films. See how they captured Madman Poole’s skills in the video below:

TGR Video: Sit Skier David “Madman” Poole Hogs All the Faceshots

Taking on the World Championships in Off-Road Handcycling

Every year, the Off-Road Handcycle World Championships takes place in Crested Butte, Colorado, with the purpose of raising awareness and acceptance of adaptive athletes who use off-road handcycles.

“Off-road handcycling (ORHC) in Crested Butte has been in my head since I first heard of an event there in 2006,” David says. “I watched a short video clip, saw some pictures, and thought to myself, ‘Someday, I’ll be there.’ Nine years later, I finally had the opportunity to compete in the ORHC World Championships for the first time in August 2015.”

Poole races down a mountain using a 3-wheeled handcycle.

A few months ago, David returned to the 2019 ORHC World Championships determined to bring home some hard metal for his trophy case. We’re thrilled to tell you, he didn’t leave empty-handed.

David is currently ranked second in the world for off-road adaptive mountain biking!

An award for winning 2nd place in the Adaptive Mountain Bike World Championships. It resembles a bike chainring.r

David Designs His Own Bucket Bike for Off-Road Adventures

As much joy as handcycling brings him, David still missed the excitement of traditional mountain biking. That’s why he was encouraged when he discovered an adaptive workaround that would give him more flexibility in this sport too.

“Several years ago, I watched a YouTube video called Back on Track starring Martyn Ashton. Martyn is a world-class trails bike rider who experienced a spinal cord injury in 2013. He put a sit-ski bucket on a bike and rode it down the hill with the help of his friends. I became inspired and thought to myself, ‘I’m gonna do that,’” David shares with a sly grin.

True to his promise, in 2015, David launched his own version of a bucket bike on the mountain trails near his Montana home.

Poole's version of a bucket bike, similar to a sit ski.

Fishing, Camping, and More: David Doesn’t Hold Back Because of His Wheelchair

David often shares gems of mountain man wisdom while he combs the backcountry during the skiing off-season. Well read and well versed in different life perspectives, he recently offered a favorite quote about fly fishing that most fail to fully understand.

“Life and fishing are very similar; you never know what’s at the end of the line,” David says.

It’s a personal anthem for him in many ways, as he vows to never put his own adventures on hold for a better day.  Sun or storm, David pushes for more, and he hopes you will also regardless of how you roll.

Poole sits in a shallow river in his wheelchair with a fishing pole in his hand. His golden retriever stands next to him.
Engage your inner Madman! Outdoor adventures are waiting for you too.

Looking for a way to begin your outdoor adventures? David recommends the following programs:

“The adaptive programs where I help teach young athletes are taught at Higher Ground in Sun Valley, ID. Eaglemount in Bozeman, MT is where I guide local Big Sky and Bridger adaptive skiers. ORHC World Championships are put on by Adaptive Sports Center located in Crested Butte, CO. I also ride with National Abilities Center in Utah, Oregon Adaptive Sports (OAS) in Bend, and go on Moab trips with Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP).”

David Poole Chooses a Cure Catheter for His Daily Health Regimen

Now that he’s 13 years post-SCI, David has learned more than a few things along the way that he believes helps him stay healthy and active as an adaptive sports competitor. One of David’s most important choices, he feels, is due to his understanding of how fast a urinary tract infection or a bad cathing experience can derail his plans.

“As an outdoors expert, I’m a big believer in healthy choices,” David explains. “That’s why I use a Cure Catheter® instead of some other kinds of catheters on the market.”

He attributes his decision to use a Cure Catheter to their comfort thanks to smooth eyelets that Cure includes on all of their catheters. One more factor, however, fully convinced David that Cure was the right choice for his personal use.

“I’m really glad to know that Cure Catheters aren’t made with chemicals like DEHP or DINP that are known to cause cancer, birth defects, or sterilization in men,” he emphasizes. “That’s especially important now that so many other brands of intermittent catheters have chemical warning labels on their package.”

Photos of the Cure Medical Pocket Catheter in various formats.

“All of us who self-cath have plenty of things to worry about like urinary tract infections, strictures, and more,” David continues. “The last thing I need on top of that is increased exposure to nasty chemicals while simply trying to take care of myself. That’s why I’m a big proponent of Cure. They don’t have any of those chemical warning labels that you’ll discover on many other brands today because Cure catheters aren’t made that way.”

If you’d like to try a Cure Catheter® like David did, click here to request a free sample.

The kind support team at Cure Medical always includes several catheters when you make an online sample request, so you’ll have enough time to fully evaluate their products’ comfort and effectiveness.

It’s simple to begin using a Cure Catheter every day too. All you have to do is contact your current medical supply provider and tell them that you Choose a Cure!

Your current supplier will be glad to upgrade your monthly catheter order to a Cure intermittent catheter or closed system. Quality-made Cure products are covered by insurance and are also wallet-friendly if you are paying cash for supplies.

Founded by a quadriplegic, Cure Medical is also the only catheter manufacturer in the world that donates 10% of net income to support research programs in pursuit of a cure for urinary retention, paralysis, spinal cord injury, and central nervous system disorders.

So what are you waiting for?  Try a Cure Catheter today!

Poole lies in an inflatable dinghy in a lake with mountains in the distance.
Enjoy your days like David does, sun or storm, with the peace of mind that comes in choosing a Cure Catheter!

Keep up with Madman Poole online as he posts his adventures on Instagram and Facebook, or follow his journey via the CURE NATION blog too.


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