2019 Rollettes Experience Empowers Women Who Roll Worldwide

The powerful movement of women empowering other women known as the Rollettes is at it again, as a sold-out Rollettes Experience kicks off August 15–18, 2019, in Los Angeles. More than 165 women from 10 countries including Australia, Poland, and the United Kingdom will attend the Rollettes’ annual empowerment workshop and dance camp. Intermittent catheter manufacturer Cure Medical is a diamond sponsor of the event.

This year’s experience will include:

  • a welcome reception,
  • a pajama party and pool party for ladies and kids,
  • dance classes led by special guest choreographers and Chelsie Hill,
  • Be Boundless seminars on the topics of makeup, fitness, health, and wellness,
  • special guest speakers, and
  • the Be Boundless Summit 2019 — Awarding Trailblazers in the Community.

The Rollettes Break Disability Stereotypes on a Daily Basis

Consistently breaking the glass ceiling for women who have disabilities, the Rollettes’ mission statement is clear: “Women empowering women with disabilities to live boundlessly and shift perspectives through dance.” This team of performers is made up of seven extraordinary women, Steph Aiello, Samantha Lopez, Conner Lundius, Edna Serrano, Maria Rabaino, and Chelsie Hill, who are all friends with different injuries and abilities.

An overhead shot of a group of women in wheelchairs at what looks like a dance studio

The Rollettes have created a community that redefines what it means to be strong, female, and resilient. With more than 500,000 social media followers collectively between them, the Rollettes continue to motivate a global community through their positive messages of beauty, encouragement, and professional achievement.

When you attend a Rollettes performance or event, you can safely step out of your comfort zone, for what you’ll find is a group of women empowering women. They strive to create a space unlike any other, where you can feel your most normal and push away any boundaries placed in your way through dance.

For more details about the Rollettes Experience, please visit RollettesDance.com/re19. This year’s event is already sold out, but the team is now accepting reservations for the 2020 Rollettes Experience!

You’ll also find the Rollettes performing across the country throughout the year at Abilities Expos nationwide, and you can follow their adventures on their new digital web series, Roll with It, via social media and Youtube. In the episode below, the ladies’ imaginations run wild as Rollettes Star Sam Lopez goes on a blind date.

Why the Rollettes Choose a Cure Catheter

A very important member of the disability community, Cure Medical, has partnered with the Rollettes for the last two years to assist in their goal of creating a sisterhood that redefines what it means to live your best life in a chair. The Cure Medical financial commitment includes sponsoring the Rollettes Experience, and the Rollettes often speak at Cure-sponsored peer counseling events at rehabilitation hospitals nationwide.

“I’m really thankful that Cure Medical is encouraging those living in a wheelchair to live their healthiest and fullest life. They financially support research for a cure for spinal cord injury and disease while also helping people celebrate the life they have now. This shared mission is also what Rollettes is all about too,” Chelsie says.

Group of mostly wheelchair users in park in front of a gazebo
Rollettes stars Chelsie Hill and Steph Aiello joined Cure Advocates for an encouraging peer program at Marianjoy Rehab in Illinois.

This collaboration comes at a time when the desire for healthcare products that are not made with harmful chemicals has become a necessity to help people like the Rollettes stay strong and on a roll during their busy year.

That’s why the Rollettes choose a Cure Twist, a ready-to-use female catheter that resembles a cosmetic and is not made with DEHP/DINP, BPA, or other Proposition 65 chemicals.

“I’m also proud to say that I use Cure catheters myself because they aren’t made with scary chemicals, and they were designed by someone who actually uses them,” Chelsie adds.

A woman in a wheelchair with three children in wheelchairs. They are all smiling. There is a Rollettes and Cure Medical backdrop.

Rollettes founding member Edna Serrano agrees. She was paralyzed as a child due to a cancerous tumor on her spine. “I appreciate that Cure Medical doesn’t make their catheters with chemicals like DEHP or DINP that are known to cause cancer. That’s actually amazing! Our bladders are important and we need to take care of them,” Edna explains. Edna also uses the Cure Twist for her daily health regimen.

Request a Cure Twist Plus a Free Compact Mirror

If you would like to try a Cure Twist, a ready-to-use, pre-lubricated catheter for women that looks like a small cosmetic, we invite you to request a free sample here.

For a limited time, when you request a Cure Twist sample, you’ll also receive a complimentary makeup compact mirror that easily fits in your purse just like the Cure Twist does too. Many ladies discover that using a small mirror like this helps when self-cathing, so this mirror may be handy in several ways for your convenience on the go!

A Cure Twist catheter and a compact mirror with a Cure Medical label

All of the 2019 Rollettes Experience attendees will receive a complimentary makeup mirror from Cure Medical too, as part of the makeup tutorial that Rollettes star Steph Aiello will be leading during the event.

So even if you aren’t attending the Rollettes Experience this year, you’ll still be able to take part in the fun with this limited-time giveaway.

Request a complimentary sample of the Cure Twist for Women today!


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